Activity meter system

listing introduction

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Sort gates

DelPro™ for VMS

DeLaval DelPro™
  • Management system for stanchion barns
  • Milking, feeding, reproduction and labour
  • Wireless communication with milking unit
  • Information managed in Windows

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Multi reader

Hand held reader HHR

Flock management

Flock management man and sheeps
  • Keeps track of each animal
  • Control labour costs
  • Control working hours
  • Maximizing milk production

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Organic farming

Organic farming woman and cows
  • Effective hygiene practices
  • Maintaining good teat conditions
  • Allowed for organic farming

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ALPRO™ herd management system

ALPRO™ herd  management system
  • Optimizes your decision making process
  • Milk, feed, breed and vet records
  • Sorting function

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